Half Krishna Half Radha mask inside carved frame 01

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The Radha Krishna love story is eternal and sublime. It is symbolic of the divine union between the Jivatma and Paramatma – the individual self and the universal self. Mask-making is a skill that has been creatively practiced by artists in Orissa for a long time. These are made of papier-mache and cowdung, because in India, cows are an important part of daily life and considered sacred. The final form of the mask is painted with natural colours in bright colours, beginning with lighter colors and progressing to the dark.This piece is a fusion of Orissa and Rajasthan.The Frame is from Rajasthan which is handcrafted, hand-painted with fabulous distressed colours.It would work great in living room, alcoves, hallways, and will look stunning if paired with more rustic vintage frames.


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